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Bruce Bernhart Websites reviews Detroit

The Motor City has culture, sports, events throughout the year, and it’s also a gateway to the Great Lakes. Plan your visit to Detroit to coincide with the events that interest you the most, whether it’s a sporting event, a festival, or the best time of year to enjoy the outdoors.

The city has a very important place in our nation's history because of its industrial heritage. Detroit is also famous among music buffs as the home of the Motown Sound. As such, Detroit has all sorts of live music venues and many different types of music events and concerts. In May, you can head to the Electronic Music Festival or the International Jazz Festival. Year round, you can take in the superb Detroit Symphony Orchestra and Detroit Opera.

In addition to its rock-and-roll, jazz, R&B, and blues music, Detroit has many other cultural opportunities and activities. Enjoy the food of Detroit during the CityFest in July or take in some of the great arts festivals. Take some time to explore the Henry Ford Museum, where you can learn all about innovations of the American people and the launch of modern industry. This museum covers an area of nine acres and is home to all sorts of exhibits on diverse subjects. You could also visit the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit or see all the animals at the Detroit Zoo. Detroit natives know that a terrific free event is the annual fireworks display on the Detroit River.

The city has four major professional sports teams. Within the Detroit area you can enjoy basketball, baseball, hockey and football. Baseball fans can get tickets to see the Detroit Tigers play at Comerica Park, while football fans can watch the Lions tackle the Bears and Vikings at Ford Field. The men and women's professional basketball teams play at The Palace of Auburn Hills and the hockey team, the Detroit Red Wings, play at Joe Louis Arena. In addition to lots of professional sports, Detroit also has auto racing, hosting the Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix every year over Labor Day weekend.

The downtown area is where you’ll find the theaters, the opera, and a thriving nightlife. Midtown is where you will find the Detroit Public Library, the Detroit Historical Museum, and the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit. These are just a few examples of the activities, culture, entertainment, and music to be found throughout the city and the surrounding areas of Detroit.

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Bruce Bernhart RV Websites

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