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In Minnesota, Bruce Bernhart has been a camping and RV enthusiast since 1985.

Bernhart's Basics on Onboard and Portable Generators

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Bruce Bernhart Websites reviews Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Jackson Hole, Wyoming is a fabulous town to serve as a base location for a visit to the Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park. Its proximity to these parks helps the town attract millions of visitors each year. Jackson Hole is also near to world-class ski resorts. A vacation in Jackson Hole will offer you opportunities to enjoy recreation, dining and even culture and fine art.

Art and recreation lovers will have a fantastic time in the wonderful town of Jackson Hole. The National Museum of Wildlife Art is an attraction you won't want to miss. This amazing museum features American artists and their depictions of the area's wildlife.

Summer in Jackson Hole is unbeatable. You can enjoy fishing, boating, hiking, horseback riding, rafting, hot air balloon rides and even rodeos. The rafting opportunities in the area are particularly superb, especially on the stunning Snake River. From Jackson Hole you can choose from a variety of rafting guides that will help you decide the grade of rafting trip that's right for you.  However you choose to enjoy the river, you are sure to get a great view of the stunning Grand Tetons and the Snake River.

If you visit during the winter, you can choose from three world-class ski resorts: Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, the Grand Targhee Resort and the Snow King Resort. All of these resorts have amazing skiing and snowboarding. Of course there are other winter activities for those who want to expand their winter recreation activities. You can enjoy ice-skating, dog sledding, cross-country skiing, and even snowshoeing.

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Brue Bernhart RV Websites

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